Remote Clojure(Script) developer
(full time)
The admission deadline for this vacancy has passed. We might post similar jobs in te future, so feel free to send us your CV in anticipation.

At DocSolver, we create innovative applications by unlocking and connecting disparate sources of customer data. We’re founder-owned and funded through the revenue of our NotaPulse product. To support our growth, we’re looking for a fifth team member.

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About us

We are an Antwerp-based software company, focused on the legal industry. Our main product is NotaPulse: a BI SaaS for notaries which collects their data, wherever they keep it, and lets them compare their own numbers against those of their peers.

To keep up with increasing demands we are building a new framework to quickly set up datastores in which we can collect data from different sources. This framework will be our foundation to both expand to other industries and add additional applications to leverage the existing data.

We are currently a team of three co-founders and one full-time developer (also remote).


The position is vacant as of 2018-05-30 and you can start as soon as the hiring process is done. We welcome applications from everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.

Applications should be sent to by Monday 2018-06-04. If you have reference material (e.g. cv, open source projects), please include links to it. Also include your username on Skype or Google Hangouts so we can have a chat to get acquainted.